Crawl Space Repair Services

With all the weight it has to carry and the extreme environment it needs to withstand, your home needs to have a solid foundation in order to keep it from sinking. Though most homes are designed to look as if they were built on top of soil, it is a structural nightmare if properties are built directly on top of the bed of earth. The ground’s soft, grainy, and morphing textures are too weak to carry a heavy load. That is why, before each building is constructed, workers need to create a foundation bed first.

The Importance of Having Your Crawl Spaces Repaired

Damaged Crawl Space

Although crawl spaces do not operate like foundations, they are an important part of the structure of your homes. Originally, crawl spaces were built so that utilities – such as wires and pipes – can easily encircle your home, but because of its location, crawl spaces can now be used as areas for insulation. What do your crawl spaces have to do with your foundations, you might ask? Well, most crawl spaces are situated above your foundations, and whenever it experiences damages, it is most likely that it will affect your foundations as well. For example: when a crawl space begins to sag because of too much moisture caused by a leak, the liquid will begin dripping on to your home’s foundation. If left unattended, organisms, such as molds, will begin manifesting within their structure which will eventually weaken its material.

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Damaged Crawl Space

Signs of Crawl Space Foundation Issues

  • Pier and beam homes with settling will experience sagging, meaning floors will sag or slope.
  • Windows and doors may be difficult to open and close—causing a hazard as well as frustration.
  • Non-load bearing walls may begin to pull away from the structure along the top edge of the wall.

If left damaged and unrepaired, a sagging home with foundation issues will only get worse over time. Shifting beams, floor joists, wall joists, and walls themselves may even cause plumbing to move within walls or under your home, causing even further damage.

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At Foundation Repair Pros, we know that in order for your building to continue to stand tall and strong, its foundation must be kept safe and secured, and although it is virtually impossible to keep them from being damaged, our professional team of pros and state-of-the-art equipment, your foundation will be repaired in no time. Have your foundation repaired today and experience the benefits! Interested? Give us a call at 844-406-0505, or visit our contact page to contact Foundation Repair Pros, and we will be more than happy to answer all your inquiries.