Root Barriers

Trees may be essential to the environment, but with a creative mind, they can become an asset to your outdoor living spaces, as well. This gift from Mother Nature completely transforms your landscape, as well as provides a natural shade during the hottest times of the year. Since trees are known for their massive structure and height, a lot of property owners tend to forget what goes on below. As trees continue to grow, so do their roots. Normally, you will see some of it sprout out from the ground, but the dangerous ones are those that lie underground. They can spread in any direction, and if you have a tree planted near your homes, there is a big chance that its roots will affect your foundation.

Root Barriers

Be it thick or slim, tree roots are able to penetrate tough material, like concrete, and slowly deteriorate its structure. When this happens, your foundations are at the verge of weakening and thus, will have a hard time keeping your buildings from sinking. In due time, cracks have conquered throughout your foundation, and having this problem fixed can be a bit expensive.

Protect your foundations and your trees by letting us, at My Foundation Repair Pro, install a root barrier.

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Root Barriers

Professional Installation is Always Better

Since you are dealing with a problem that is located underground, it is not wise to do this method through DIYs. Without the proper equipment and gear by your side, not only will your landscaping be torn apart, but it will be difficult to get the barrier in the soil. With our help, not only will this process be done correctly, but we will make sure that both the tree and your properties will benefit from this solution.

These come in various materials and styles, some of which include:

  • Metal
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastic
  • Mesh Screen
  • Permeable Barriers Fortified with Chemicals

Depending on your choice and the situation at hand, we, at My Foundation Repair Pros Team will use the appropriate material. Give us a call at: 844-406-0505 today, to stop the roots from inconveniencing your properties any longer. We also offer various foundation repairs for both residential and commercial properties . Visit our contact site for further questions and details.