Hairline Cracks in Concrete Repair Workq

A crack in the foundation is nothing unusual. You may discover various types of cracks in your foundation. We may wonder, why does a gap in the foundation occur? This could be due to soil movement or any other reason. A hairline crack in concrete often occurs because of extreme heat or from drying or shrinkage. Sometimes there are no reasons, and it is inevitable.

When you face a problem with your foundation, it is always best to check it with a professional. Even if it is as simple as a hairline crack in the concrete, you need to ensure safety with only professionals. Here at My Foundation Repair Pros, we will send you only expert, trained, and highly skilled contractors who will solve all your problems at an affordable price. We have all the right tools and equipment to solve your problems. Call us today at 844-406-0505.

Hairline Cracks

What is a Hairline Crack?

Typically, hairline cracks are harmless. You may find these types of thin cracks near the windows or doors. These cracks could be relief joints. Hairline cracks are primarily seen in freshly placed concrete, and they could appear due to plastic shrinkage. Hairline cracks may get tricky at times, so it is better to get them checked professionally.

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Hairline Cracks Repair

Causes of Hairline Cracks

There could be several reasons for foundation cracks. Here are a few of them-

  • Sedimentation and bleeding
  • Poor craft and negligence
  • Water loss due to absorption
  • Extreme heat could be a reason
  • Low-grade material
  • The amount of chemical mixture and the dosage of it
    Many more.

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