Rotating Walls Indicating Foundation Problem

Bowing or rotating walls are normally caused by very saturated, expanding clay soils. Bowing or rotating occurs during or just after periods of heavy and prolonged rains. Often, the installation of tieback wall anchors or soldier columns is used to provide structural reinforcement to the foundation walls. In some cases of advanced movement, excavation, and exterior pressure relief systems may also be needed to return the wall to its original position.

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Rotating Walls

Signs of Rotating Walls

  • Foundation cracks (diagonal or horizontal)
  • Brick or siding overhanging foundation
  • Drywall & ceiling damage in a finished basement
  • Damage to basement utilities (water lines, HVAC ducts, electrical boxes pushing off the wall)

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Correcting Rotating Walls by My Foundation Repair Pros

Correcting Rotating Walls by My Foundation Repair Pro

Methods of correcting bowing or rotating walls vary between contractors. These include plate and rod or concrete anchors, soldier beams, and carbon fiber. Each project has different variables and requires specific repairs; therefore, the same repair method may not be used for every project.

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Using tieback wall anchors to address rotating walls is a process of installing galvanized steel rods with a helical anchor (screw) through the foundation wall. The anchors are extended out past the area of expanding clay soils and locked into a stable section of soil. The anchors are then attached to the interior side of the foundation wall, preventing future lateral movements.

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