Diagonal Cracking at Corners

Diagonal cracks are nothing unusual and you may notice their appearance in the concrete foundation at the corners of your windows or doors. These types of cracks are known as tension cracks and tension cracks occur due to the pulling force of two sides opening apart.

Diagonal cracks are something really serious and one should keep a note and track of it. I'd you see diagonal cracks at the corners of your place then you can be almost sure that there have been some issues with your foundation. Multiple diagonal cracks at around the same space of a place indicate a developing structural problem and only a professional can determine its severity.

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Causes of Diagonal Cracks at Corners

Diagonal Cracking at Corners

Here are some causes of diagonal cracks at corners-

  • Diagonal cracks may appear due to differential settling of the foundation. When the foundation of the home settles lower than the rest of the foundation, tension is created. This leads to diagonal cracking.
  • There could be an issue with termites. Termite damage may cause deterioration and collapse of supporting wood members.
  • If too much load is put on the seams then it could lead to diagonal cracking in the foundation.
  • Temperature fluctuation may lead to expanding drywall and the ultimate result could be cracking in windows, doors, and corners.
  • Some types of soils expand when moist and shrink when dry. This change may cause brick wall foundation cracking.

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