Helical Pile Systems Installation

Though it is rarely seen, a building’s foundation is what keeps the structure from sinking in the ground. A lot of property owners have given great importance to this area and have fashioned it in such a way that it can withstand even the most disastrous events – be it natural or manmade. However, no matter how many times they reinforce their foundations there is a great possibility that it will develop various kinds of damage due to time.

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Helical Pile

Over the years, the material of your foundations will weaken and cracks will begin to emerge. If these are not immediately dealt with, chances are that these tiny gaps will grow into massive holes, which can compromise the structural integrity of this installment. When this happens, it can no longer support the weight of your building and slowly brings your properties through the ground. Living in sunken home is greatly problematic because besides the fact that your lifestyles will change to befit the elevation of your homes, it will also further damage your interior rooms like your basements. That is why we, at Foundation Restoration Team, are prepared to raise your properties from the ground – be it residential or commercial– with trustworthy methods and a professional team of workers.

At our company, we offer various types of foundation installations and repairs that can suit your properties. If you are looking for a system that is cost efficient and environmentally friendly, why not give our Helical Piles a try. Built with a screw-like design, our workers will drill it under your properties to help strengthen your foundations. It is also beneficial to note that this process does not displace excess soil thus making it a greener alternative. Its best feature however, is its price since the overall installation time is shorter than most systems and can be easily removed when it no longer needs to be used.

At My Foundation Repair Pro Team, we understand that the structure of your property is an important element to build a proper structure. That is why, if you call us today, not only will you be getting a free foundation inspection , but also have it repaired by a professional. Call 844-406-0505 to reach us or visit our contact My Foundation Repair Pro Team page to learn more about services.