Stair-Step Cracks Indicating Foundation Problem

There are various cracks that you may discover in your foundation. Cracks are usually a result of your foundation’s response to the changes in soil around your home. While there are some cracks that are not worrisome, most cracks should be checked out by a specialist in order to be sure your home is safe.

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Stair-Step or Diagonal Cracks

Stair-Step or Diagonal Cracks

Among the most common types of foundation cracking are stair-step or diagonal cracks. These often exhibit themselves in masonry, following the mortar between bricks. These cracks often point to a portion of the foundation, such as a corner, that is settling or sinking in relation to the rest of the slab or blocks.

Expansive soils are one of the main causes of both settling and heaving, and the cause is almost always moisture-related. Too much or too little water in the soil can cause it to expand or shift away, and your foundation will follow.

Many types of block foundations can have minor cracks that are not of major concern, but if you do notice a new crack or one that appears to be expanding, contact My Foundation Repair Pro without further ado.

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