Helical Anchor Systems Installation

When structures are built, most people might think that the structure can stand on its own. With its massive size towering over their heads and the thick walls composed of concrete, it is no surprise that it leaves an impression of a kind of strength that can withstand any disaster. However, no matter how fortified a building’s constitution is there will be instances wherein its very core will weaken and cause the property to sink. Areas, such as foundations, are supposed to keep that event from happening, but with poor maintenance, natural and manmade disasters, and old materials there is a good chance that this structure is damaged. That is why we, at Foundation Restoration Team, are ready to install and repair foundations for both residential and commercial properties in the United States.

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Helical Anchor

With the various types of foundation repair methods available today, choosing the correct one suited for your property may be a hassle. You must consider numerous factors such as the structure of your building, preferred system, and overall budget to determine which installation is the right one for you. Luckily, our company is equipped with all the types of material you need, which also includes our Helical Anchor Systems.

Like what its name suggests, a Helical Anchor System is designed to be drilled below your properties. Although it is not as wide as a slab of concrete, it is the better alternative for heavy and big structures such as lighthouses and roads. With its screw tightly placed in the ground, the weight of the building is evenly and easily distributes. Also, due to its short installation time, ease of removal, and reduced soil displacement it is known to be the cost effective choice for property owners in the country.

Our company knows that some types of foundation just don’t last forever and we are here to correct that problem. With the various causes that can damage this installment, having them inspected and repaired is the best solution you can give to your properties. Give us a call at: 844-406-0505 or visit our contact My Foundation Repair Pro page , and we will assure you that you will immediately reap the benefits of having your foundation repaired!