Stuck Windows & Doors Indicating Foundation Problem

Stuck, hard-to-open windows and doors can be a pain to live with. They can be a sign that the doors and windows have warped due to moisture, perhaps indicating that you have an issue with basement waterproofing.

But more seriously, windows and doors – which may be stuck in place, or swing open after being shut, or have gaps at the top and bottom – can be a sign of foundation problems. House settlement may have caused foundation damage.

The professionals at My Foundation Repair Pros provide the best & most comprehensive repair services for stuck doors & windows as well as other foundation repair services in your area. Let our network of professional, independently owned foundation and structural contractors help you in your hour of need. When you need our help, give us a call at 844-406-0505 for more information or you can click here to make an appointment today! 

Stuck Windows & Doors

Why Do Windows & Doors Get Stuck?

The earth around your house expands when it is wet and shrinks when it dries. This pushing and pulling against your foundation can cause it to sink or lean, creating structural issues that only become bigger and more expensive to repair the longer they are ignored.

As foundations and slabs crack due to soil settlement, the wood framing supported above is more likely to bend or twist. (You can also get uneven floors, drywall cracks, and even gaps between the walls and floors.) With this pressure from below, openings for doors and windows can become skewed, making the door and windows hard to open.

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What’s the Solution for Foundation Damage

Solving Foundation Damage in Your Area

To get your doors and windows to close properly again is often a matter of properly repairing your foundation. At My Foundation Repair Pro, we have a selection of underpinning solutions to address the issue, giving your home’s foundation greater stability and leveling it. Two different types of foundation piers are available to address the issue of foundation settlement: push piers and helical piers.

These solutions involve installing support piers under your foundation, which are driven into stable soil or bedrock. Not only do these invisible repairs prevent further settling, but they can also permit us to jack the foundation to its original position. Once done, cracks in the wall will often close; doors and windows will shut normally, and further settlement damage can be prevented.

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My Foundation Repair Pros screens and provides professionals who specialize in foundation waterproofing, crawl space repair, crack repair, finishing, sump pumps, and other foundation issues. These are local companies who have shown a track record of helping homeowners like you, make the basements dry and safe. Whether you have a finished or unfinished basement, we can provide the appropriate professional help in your area, to solve your foundation issues. Contact us today or call us at 844-406-0505 to know further details.