Drywall Cracks Repairing Service

Cracks in walls are relatively common in both new and older structures. This may be due to various reasons, but the most common cause is foundation settling. Typically drywall cracks suggest a more significant issue with your foundation. You may need to find out the reason and repair the gap as soon as you find it because it is directly associated with your structure’s integrity. But this should be done with professional help.

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Crack Drywall Causes

There could be several reasons behind a drywall crack. Here are a few you may take a look at-

Drywall Cracks Repairing Service
  • Drywall cracking may occur from temperature changes through a slight seasonal change.
  • It may furthermore be because of structural problems.
  • Framing that is not done correctly or connected may lead to drywall cracking.
  • Deteriorated framing is another reason.
  • Another reason could be settling foundations and slabs.
  • Leaving a house vacant for a more extended period could result in drywall cracking.
  • If drywall is not correctly installed, then it may lead to drywall cracking.

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Types of Cracks that Indicates Foundation Damage

Here are a few types to look for-

  • If cracks a more comprehensive than a quarter-inch
  • If you notice horizontal cracks
  • If you notice diagonal cracks extending from windows to doors
  • If you notice longer cracks
  • If you notice cracks all over your house
  • If you notice cracks in both your interior and exterior walls

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