The Benefits of Foundation Repair

The Benefits of Repairing Your Homes Foundation are Many:

  • My Foundation Repair Pro network members offer a variety of cost effective solutions that will address your foundation repair needs permanently. Once your home has been repaired, that area of your home is guaranteed to be fixed permanently giving you piece of mind that your cost of repairing your foundation is worth the cost.
Foundation Damaged Chimney
  • Selling a home with a foundation issue is difficult. During the sale of your home, as the seller of the home you have to acknowledge any problems that you are aware of to the buyer. By not disclosing that you are aware of a foundation problem and have chosen not to fix the problem can cause the sale price to be reduced or a buyer to end negotiations on the purchase of your home.
  • A home that has an apparent foundation problem will not be appraised as high as a home without a foundation problem or a home that has had their foundation problem fixed by a professional contractor.
  • Your local My Foundation Repair Pro network member has a transferrable warranty that can be passed on to a buyer of your home at no cost to you.

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