Hillside Home Structural Problems

hillside homes may look very beautiful because of the stunning views, but structural problems with hillside homes are very common. Houses built on steep hillsides are frequently supported by tall, slender pillars or columns, with or without diagonal bracing, and may have walls that "step down" the slope. These structural parts may not be appropriately braced to resist earthquakes, resulting in considerable damage and maybe collapse.

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Repairing Hillside Home Structural Problems

Foundation Stabilization

Things we can do to strengthen hillsides and slopes include:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Reinforcement of Concrete
  • Drainage
  • Benching¬†
  • Friction Piles

Retaining walls can help to level the slopes around your home. Retaining walls will stabilize the slopes on each side of your hillside property if steep slopes are on either side. The walls are built to hold or keep a significant amount of dirt. Contractors can construct retaining walls that are caisson-mounted, conventional, or gravity-based.

Excessive water on slopes is an issue since it adds weight to the soil, making your property subject to the mass movement of the soil. Excessive water can impair particle grain cohesiveness and create runoff on slopes, leading to erosion. This puts strain on the supporting buildings, making them vulnerable to storms or earthquakes. Drainage repairs will transport water away from slopes while ensuring stability.

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