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Carbon Fiber or Wall Anchors?

Carbon fiber repair is incredibly strong, requires no excavation, and causes very little disruption of the basement. When installed with a steel angle at the top of the wall, it completely stabilizes the foundation. Also, the completed repair creates only a small bump on the wall and can be painted or finished over with a normal stud wall. Carbon fiber repair requires no maintenance; its only limitation is that it can be used only when a wall has moved inward two inches or less.

Carbon Fiber or Wall Anchors

Wall anchors, on the other hand, can be used no matter how much a wall has moved inward and they do actually straighten the wall when stabilizing it. However, that stability relies heavily on the condition of the soil where the anchor plate has been set. If there is further movement, swelling, or desiccation in that area, the wall can de-stabilize.

Also, it is much harder to achieve proper yard drainage, as moving water from downspouts and sump pump discharges the normal 10 feet away from the foundation will over-saturate the soil where the anchor is buried. Finally, wall anchors require periodic tightening by the homeowner to maintain stability, so that a finished wall cannot be erected over them.

So, which one is the best? Carbon fiber has the edge most of the time because of its ease of installation, permanence, unobtrusive appearance, and freedom from maintenance. When a wall is badly damaged, resulting in inward movement of several inches, the two processes may be combined, with several wall anchors pulling the wall back into position and a number of carbon fiber strips providing permanent stability. The key is employing the expertise to recommend the best, most cost-effective permanent repair that ensures the safety of your home and the use of your basement.

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