Horizontal Cracks in Walls of Load Bearing Structure

Cracks in the load-bearing walls could be due to many reasons. For example, the foundation, the settlement could be one of the reasons, or a faulty building plan could be another. The expansion and contraction of a slab, the deflection of a slab, and thermal influences all have an impact on horizontal fractures in the load-bearing walls of a structure. When there is a crack on any load-bearing structure wall, it is highly alarming as it puts the building in hazardous condition!

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Few Types of Horizontal Cracks in Load Bearing Structure Walls

Ceiling, Brick Wall Crack

External Cracks in Cross Walls At Ceiling Level:

The expansion and contraction of the RCC slab due to heat from the sun might cause horizontal fractures in Cross walls at the ceiling level due to heat from the sun.

Horizontal fissures in walls can be extremely dangerous if the slab is restrained on one side by a nearby heavy structure. Horizontal cracks are even more harmful if the insulation or protective cover on top of the roof slab is insufficient.

External Horizontal Cracks Below Slab Level at the Topmost Story:

Deflection of a slab and raising the bearing slab's edge cause external horizontal fractures below slab level. At the same time, shrinkage causes horizontal movement in the slab, which influences horizontal fissures in the topmost story's walls below slab level. If the slab spans a vast distance, horizontal fractures are more severe.

Horizontal External/Internal Cracks in Brick Wall Mortar Joints: 
These cracks emerge after two or three years of construction. When the mortar joints are damaged by sulfate attack, horizontal fractures appear.

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