Foundation Destabilization

When the soil beneath a structure has a lot of clay, sand, or silt, foundation destabilization is most likely to occur. Because on such a ground, it is tough to lay a solid and stable foundation. The most common cause of foundation failure is settling. Settlement happens when soils dry up during warm weather with little rain. The soils shrink and can no longer sustain the foundation. The soils beneath your foundation do not shrink evenly, resulting in soft spots beneath your foundation and allowing the foundation to settle, crumble, or break.

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Foundation Destabilization

Signs of Foundation Destabilization

Signs of a destabilized foundation may include:

  • Windows and doors out of square or stick
  • Uneven floors or sagging floors
  • Ceilings and floors that have separated from the wall
  • Floor cracks
  • Bowed walls
  • Cracks in walls, ceiling, etc.
  • Wall rotation¬†
  • Diagonal cracks start from the corners of windows and doors and go up toward the ceiling.
  • Moldings that have separated from the wall or ceiling
  • Cabinet doors that don't close
  • Water in basement
  • Mold and mildew
  • Stairstep cracks in brick
  • Chimneys and porches that are separating from the house

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 Foundation Destabilization Effect

Causes of Foundation Destabilization

Here are a few causes:

  • Expansive soils have a lot of clay or silt in them.
  • Built on a sandy foundation can cause erosion, leading to gaps under the foundation.
  • Before construction, the earth was not sufficiently compacted (soil stabilization).
  • Built on top of the soil with poor drainage.
  • Dramatical weather fluctuation¬†throughout the year
  • Trees that grow too close to a foundation absorb water from the soil, causing it to dry up and shrink, making it destabilized.

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