Decks & Foundation Settlement Restoration Services

Attractive features such as decks in homes call for more weight which your foundation has to bear. Over time, your foundation may start to sink due to heaviness & inadequately strong soil layers. Left unattended, these settlement issues may give rise to more problems like air drafts, and water leaks, & may even provide an opening for insects, critters & small animals to seek shelter in your foundation.

However, My Foundation Repair Pros knows the right way to deal with such foundation problems & provides affordable services for our customers. Our network of contractors is certified & heavily tested for reliability & customer satisfaction. When you need our foundation repair services for your home, give us a call at 844-406-0505 or click here to contact us online.

Our Foundation Repair Services

Foundation Stabilization to Strengthen Your Home’s Structure

Decks are no doubt an amazing addition to your home, but they also exert more pressure on your foundation & the soil beneath. To ensure your foundation can take the weight, My Foundation Repair Pros offer excellent pier systems to support & stabilize your home’s structure. If you face any of the symptoms mentioned below, reach out to your local My Foundation Repair Pro Contractor to fix the issues as soon as possible.

Symptoms of a Settling Foundation:

  • Stair-step cracks in brick or concrete block foundation walls
  • Leaning, tilting chimneys
  • Cracks around doors and windows
  • Jamming, sticking doors and windows
  • Cracks in a concrete slab floor
  • Cracks in drywall

Trust My Foundation Repair Pros to Repair Your Settling Foundation & Deck

The trained specialists here at My Foundation Repair Pros use the most effective solutions to tackle your foundation problems. One of the proven methods of repairing sinking foundations and decks is using helical pier systems. However, we also use push pier & slab pier systems to address specific foundation problems. Call us at 844-406-0505 when you need any kind of help with your foundation.