Air Drafts Indicate Foundation Problems

If you notice air drafts in your basement or crawl space, there might a problem with your foundation. Small gaps & crevices allow outside air to enter through your foundation due to the pressure difference. This air can disrupt your indoor temperature on winter nights, making floors colder than they are supposed to. To overcome this issue, your best bet is to trust My Foundation Repair Pros.

We are a wide network of certified craftsmen who can offer you all kinds of foundation repair services including fixing air draft problems. To get started, find your local contractor or call us directly at 844-406-0505 and we will look into the matter with utmost urgency.

Signs of Air Draft Foundation Issues

Your foundation may face threats from a range of factors, and all of them have their own symptoms of foundation problems. However, air drafts by all means make your heating system less efficient by inviting colder air into your home. Here are a few signs to identify whether you have air draft issues. They include:

  • Colder floors than usual
  • The heating system appears to be less performant
  • Difficult to keep your home warm
  • Cracks or gaps in your foundation wall

Trust My Foundation Repair Pros to Fix Your Foundation Issues

Apart from cracks, air drafts might also rise from gaps in the window frame in your basement. However, no matter the origin of the problem, our specialist can inspect the foundation & locate the issue. We have the proper resources & expertise to repair your foundation from all kinds of issues.

Other symptoms of foundation problem that you might face include:

If you face air draft problems or any of the symptoms mentioned above, contact My Foundation Repair Pros immediately to repair your foundation. Let our network of professional, independently owned foundation and structural contractors help you in your hour of need. When you need our help, give us a call at 844-406-0505 for more information or you may click here to make an appointment today!