Commercial Foundation Underpinning

Is the structure of your commercial space’s foundation not strong enough? Are you looking for contractors who can take up the job and make the extra foundation firm, so it isn’t dangerous for people anymore? Then you must contact My Foundation Repair Pros at 844-406-0505 for the job as we can send qualified contractors, engineers, etc., on your way from your areas.

Underpinning is the process of strengthening your already existing foundation to bear extra load than already it was intended to take. This process could be done to a building or any structure. This technique is an excellent way to improve your weak foundation.

Underpinning the foundation should be done carefully and with the supervision of experts and professionals. There are so many methods, pieces of equipment, and materials involved that one mistake could harm your foundation more harm than good.

Reasons for Commercial Foundation Underpinning

Commercial Foundation Underpinning

There are several reasons of foundation underpinning. Here are some of them-

  • The existing foundation is weak- If the original foundation is soft and not strong enough to carry an extra load, it must go through foundation underpinning to avoid future accidents or failures.
  • The use of structure is not the same as before- If the building or construction is going through any time of change in its use and now it has to carry some additional loads, then the structural foundation needs underpinning to support extra loads.
  • Problems with soil condition- Over time, the soil condition under the structure may change, leading to foundation settlement. To improve the soil condition, underpinning is done.
  • Adjoining building is going through excavation- If the adjoining building is excavated, it could put massive pressure on the foundation of your commercial structure.
  • Better choice than a new structure- Building a new structure would take a lot of your time and cost you a whole lot. Your business could also be affected. So underpinning is the better option.

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