Soil with Poor Drainage

Soil with poor drainage could lead your house to costly foundation repair work. Water running towards home instead of away from it, for example, might seriously damage the foundation and endanger its structural integrity. Fixing such foundation difficulties requires the assistance of a foundation repair specialist since doing so yourself might result in more costly repairs in the future.

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Foundation Issue due to Soil with Poor Drainage

Foundation Issue due to Soil with Poor Drainage

Homes with clogged or ineffective gutter systems may have foundation issues in addition to settling. When a home's external drainage is inadequate, water and moisture build-up in the soil surrounding it, forming "heavy soil" capable of pushing through a basement wall and causing horizontal fissures in the walls. Unfortunately, correcting the drainage issue is only a fraction of the repair once the foundation walls have been broken or undermined. Foundation cracks must be repaired to prevent future water out of the basement.

The following are the two main types of drainage systems:

  • Drainage Systems for Surface Water
    External surface water drainage systems direct water away from the landscape where excess moisture gathers. Runoff is often directed to storm drains, streams, or subsurface drainage systems via surface water drainage systems.

  • Drainage Systems in the Ground
    Underground drains, move water away from too saturated soil, lawns, and vegetated areas, route it to storm drains or streams, or just away from a house. The use of underground drains significantly reduces erosion.

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