Foundation Problems due to Sandy Soils

When exposed to wet or dry circumstances, sand-based soils do not expand or shrink. Incorrect drainage, on the other hand, might result in substantial erosion. If your home's drainage system enables water to flow around and beneath your foundation, the erosion that results might cause your foundation to move. Your walls may break, and your doors may become difficult to open and close when your foundation changes. Furthermore, sand might fall into a breach formed by drying soils, causing the foundation to drift (move horizontally).

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Types of Soils

Foundation Problems due to Moisture Saturated Soil

Here are a few types of soils that foundations are built on:

  • Clay Soil- Clay soil expands when wet with water and contracts when it is dry. Because the clay soil in this area contracts in the summer, it might shift the location of a home's foundation.
  • Rock Soil- Rock soils, like clay soils, expand and compress as the weather changes. Furthermore, if the underlying soil has a high density of shale, residences built on slopes may experience substantial sliding.¬†
  • Loam Soil- Soil isn't entirely made up of sand or clay; it's frequently a combination of both. Loam is a unique mixture of sand, silt, and clay that changes little when exposed to different moisture levels.
  • Sandy Soil- The moisture content of sand does not vary. Sand, on the other hand, can disintegrate if the drainage surrounding the property enables water to seep beneath the foundation. Sand can also fall into a breach in the foundation caused by drying soils, causing it to drift.

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