Why is Soil Compaction Important in New Constructions?

When constructing a building, highway, or any other structure, contractors need to know what type of soil they are dealing with. The kind of ground will determine what materials to use, what kind of houses to build, and basically what other essential properties they need to make the area livable. People might think that the process of construction is simple to understand. In reality however, there are a lot of stages inserted in each step. Of course, when it comes to building something with height, it is always better to start from the bottom. The structure is able to stand tall due to the strength of its lowest points. To be able to achieve this feat however, contractors must first create a stable base and in order to do that they need to compact the soil.

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Soil Compaction in New Constructions

Soil compaction is the method wherein heavy machines press against the ground, to get rid of air and water particles, which enables the soil to form and somewhat harden. This flat surface has now become stable and thus, safe to build on. No one wants to live on top of shaky and soft soil because living right on top of one can lead to numerous disasters. Besides having the properties slowly sink into the ground, it can create structural damage which includes:

  • Cracks
  • Root Penetration
  • Leaks

Contractors divide the types of soil in two different categories: cohesive and non-cohesive. Cohesive soils are those that easily bond together (e.g. loam, clay, and slit). On the other hand, non-cohesive soils are those that have loose particles (e.g. gravel and sand). Although these two types are all but “soil” classifying them will make it easier for the contractors to perform. Some equipment works better in cohesive, while others do not, and vice versa.

Soil compaction will definitely provide a solid base for future properties. However, there will come a time that their strength will be tested from natural events. Minor quakes, flooding, and the like are known to shift the ground and cause the surrounding soil to change in formation. When this happens, home foundations are at risk at sustaining damage.

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