Sinking Basement Floor Repair Service

A sinking basement floor may be a matter of anxiety for homeowners. Because the first thing that comes to their minds is that there must be some issues with the structure. But this is not always the matter. Nonetheless, when you face such an issue it is wise to get your sinking basement floor checked with a professional.

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What Are Some Signs of a Sinking Basement Floor?

Sinking Basement Floor Repai

There are some signs by which you may understand you have a sinking basement floor problem. Here are some of them-

  • In summer the humidity level rises that causes the wood to swell around windows and doors. When this happens it's harder to close the windows and doors properly. This is a sign as it is an indication that there is a void under your floor.
  • Another sign is the gap between the baseboard and the wall.
  • The support beams in your basement may pull away from the ceiling.
  • The basement floor may seem like sloping from one side to another.
  • If you see cracks in the floor this may be another sign.

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Sinking Basement Floor Repair Service

Causes of Basement Floor Sinking

Here are some causes of basement floor sinking-

  • If there is excessive load on the floor of your basement then it could lead to the basement floor sinking.
  • If the beam doesn’t provide the support it should then it may ultimately lead to basement floor sinking.
  • Settling in the foundation is one of the causes of basement floor sinking.
  • When the joists of your floor become old naturally they weaken and this may cause the basement floor to sink.

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