Hydrostatic Pressure and Your Foundation

What is Hydrostatic Pressure?

Simply put, hydrostatic pressure means water pressure. A fluid at equilibrium can exert pressure at any given point due to gravity. Pressure increases with proportion to the depth of the fluid – creating a downward force from above. When the fluid meets certain surfaces like soil, it bonds with its particles, making it more dense and compact.

Hydrostatic Pressure

How Does it Affect Your Foundation?

Your foundation is surrounded by soil, so when it rains, it easily absorbs water and completely doubles in size. The pressure that is exerted by the ground is hitting the walls of your foundation and compromises its structural integrity. If your foundation cannot withstand the weight of the surrounding soil, wall cracks won’t be your only problem. Without addressing the early signs of wall damage, you are putting your property and yourself in grave danger. Tiny cracks are just the beginning, and without warning they can grow in number and length. Sooner or later, the walls begin to break – resulting in leaks, and eventually, when the water starts drying up it leaves certain areas moist and weak.

Leaving your foundation in a state of dispair also leads to a damp basement. A damp basement is the perfect place for growing mold and mildew. When your basement walls and stored items get wet, it is difficult to have them completely dried. Bacteria and other microorganisms have an easier time latching on to these materials, making the room hazardous.

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Having a wet basement may result to the following problems:

  • Noxious/stinky odors
  • Wood rotting
  • Damaged walls and items
  • Respiratory and skin ailments due to mold
  • Weak structural integrity

How Do You Solve the Problem?

The go-to solution is to have your foundation repaired. This structure is the only thing that is keeping your property from sinking underground. Once its form and function has been restored, everything above it will be safe. It is also good to equip your basement with a reliable waterproofing system, so that whenever water has found its way into your home, it can be easily stored and removed.

The negative effects of hydrostatic pressure should be handled by the professionals. If you believe that your foundation is in need for repairs (or just want to have them inspected for FREE) call: 844-406-0505 and Foundation Rescue Team will be on the way. Our professionals are well-versed with everything that goes on with your foundation, and with the help of our expert equipment and methods, your property will be back in shape in no time. If you have any further questions and inquiries, visit contact My Foundation Repair Pros .