Solutions for Pooling Water in Crawl Space

Pooling water in the crawl space of any home or commercial property can lead to dampness, mold, and mildew growth which indeed can cause a potential health hazard and structural damage. In fact, pooling water can be a symptom of many severe issues such as poor or malfunctioned drainage systems, the presence of leaks and gaps in the space, excessive moisture, and so on. Therefore if you are going through such a situation, letting it slide will not be a wise decision. The skilled crawl space specialists of My Foundation Repair Pros are highly experienced, fully equipped, and trained to handle standing water in the area. Contact us through 844-406-0505 and let our certified contractors in your area inspect and assess your crawl space, followed by offering you an effective and budget-friendly solution.

Why is My Crawlspace Having Standing Water?

Pooling Water in Crawl Space

Among all the reasons behind a crawl space to have pooling water three common reasons are:

  • Gaps and cracks: If there is any ventilation system in your crawlspace or, the walls are cracked or there are gaps around the crawlspace access door, moisture, and water both can seep through them and accumulate inside the space. Eventually, the moisture condenses and forms water, and the seep through water starts to increase in amount, causing standing water.
  • Drainage issue: if the drainage system around or within your crawlspace stops working or gets clogged, water, finding no other way to escape starts to gather inside the place.
  • Excessive in-house moisture: Despite having an insulated and waterproofed crawlspace you can still have moisture in huge amounts due to the indoor environment. This leads to condensation as mentioned above.

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