Gap Between Wall and Floor Repairing Services

A gap between the wall and floor of your place is nothing uncommon or unexpected. So, if one day you notice a gap between the wall and floor, don’t be too surprised. This may occur due to many reasons. But one of the most common causes is foundation settling.

Even though the wall and floor gap are common, it doesn’t necessarily mean it's safe. This could be extremely risky. It is always wiser to get these checked professionally because only an expert can assess the whole scenario and tell you if it's dangerous or not.

If you ever find a gap between your wall and floor, then don’t hesitate or be late in contacting My Foundation Repair Pros because we have the right type of people to solve your issues. We have highly skilled, trained, and expert contractors who can come to your place, determine the whole situation, and take measurements according to it. Call us today at 844-406-0505.

Reasons of Gaps Between the Floor and Wall

Gap Between Wall and Floor

It indeed looks abnormal when we see that a gap is visible between a floor and a wall. The main reason is thought to be the house settling unevenly as this puts pressure to cause the gap between wall and floor. Here are some more reasons for the opening-

  • Soil expands when it is moist- your home’s whole structure is built on ground that lies under the foundation. Sometimes the construction company does not pack the soil firmly before building the foundation. This sometimes causes settling and thus creates all kinds of problems from cracking to creating gaps between floor and wall.
  • Soil shrinks when it is dry- when the soil is wet, it carries a different type of pressure. But what happens when the soil dries? It contracts and shrinks. This may cause the foundational problem. You may even notice the gap between your floor and wall.
  • A floor joist that is sagging occurs when the support pillars are put too far apart as your home needs even support for the foundation. Uneven spacing and support may cause pressure on the floor joists. This ultimately leads to gaping between floor and wall.

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