Foundation Crack under A Jack Post

The reason of foundation crack under a jack post usually does not occur suddenly. It is a progressive process that is largely unseen. Foundation cracks are the most noticeable indicator that there are issues with your foundation. These cracks can fracture through your drywall, stucco, slab, and chimneys. When you notice your home has cracks under jack posts, do not waste time rather contract to a professional.

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How Do You Know about Foundation Crack?

Foundation Crack under A Jack Post
  • Water Damage: All symptoms of foundation crack under jack post because of water damage must be treated as soon as possible. Foundation damage is both a cause and a consequence of improperly drained exterior water. During the dry season, keep an eye out for exceptionally wet terrain and parched soil following significant rains. Internally, look for mold, red, or any other signs of a leak behind the walls. You should also inspect your plumbing system, toilets, and taps for suspected leaks.
  • Musty Smell: The musty smell under jack's post might actually make your foundation difficult to maintain. Leaking walls might generate a smell, which is usually mild. External dampness that enters your foundation through cracks may be the origin of the problem, but it might also be caused by plumbing.
  • Saggy Floor: Warped flooring and ceilings can also be symptoms of a foundation problem. Walls and beams are broken down or compacted as the building's base moves. As a result of the shifting, the weight of the home may be unevenly distributed in some locations, resulting in lower floors and ceilings. A slanting floor indicates an issue with the foundation.

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