Exterior Stair Step Brick Cracks

The presence of stair-step crack in the brick indicates that the foundation is in need of repair. It is common for brick walls to have fractures like these in the mortar joints. Interior wall cracking is commonly observed to have the same stair-step crack pattern as outside walls. A similar fissure may frequently be seen on the opposite wall.

If stair-step cracks in brick walls reach the bottom, they often continue down to their base on top of a block foundation, and then through that foundation until they reach the footing.

If you see these cracks in the wall, it means that a piece of it has settled more quickly or more slowly than the rest. To avoid further settling and symptoms such as sloping or sunken floors, bowed walls, and misaligned entrances, it's critical to get this problem corrected as soon as possible.

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Causes of  Stair-Step Cracks?

Moisture problems or excessive pressure on a specific portion of the wall are typically to blame. This might be due to clogged gutters or a problem with the drainage system. As a result, your home's foundation is not being properly drained of moisture. Instead, the dirt surrounding your house's foundation is being accumulated and expanded. As an outcome, there is a lot of pressure.

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