Common Foundation Problems in the Winter

Winter means snow, ice, and sleet everywhere we look. Snow can wreak havoc on our roofs, siding, and foundation. No one wants a wet basement. That is why it is important to know about the common foundation problems experienced in winter.

Freezing temperatures cause damage to everything- even materials we tend to view as permanent. These include the materials that we depend on to keep us safe and comfortable in bad weather; wood beams can rot, nails can rust, and concrete can decay. Contact only an expert like My Foundation Repair Pros for any kind of foundation problem happening in winter.

Foundation Problems in Winter

Common Foundation Problems in the Winter

You know your home has some foundation problems when you spot these signs or symptoms:

  • Doors that don’t have issues begin to jam or fail to latch
  • Windows that are perfectly fine suddenly get stuck or won’t completely close
  • Cracks appear over doorways, windows, and areas where the wall meets the ceiling
  • Cracks appear in ceramic or vinyl tiles that are installed over concrete floors

These problems are caused by water or moisture that may come through the following:

  • Freezing pipes

    Freezing temperatures can cause water pipes to become frozen and crack, resulting in leaks. Frozen pipes can leak as much as 250 gallons of water per day as a minimum.

  • Frost heaves

    The ice lenses that form in the ground on account of freezing temperatures cause the frozen ground to move. The ground also moves when the ice lenses thaw in warmer temperatures. The frost damages the pavement in this way.

  • Shifts in the ground

    The varying winter temperatures cause moisture to freeze and thaw. This process of freezing and thawing causes the ground to shift between four to eight inches. The changes in the ground, as well as the varying water and soil conditions, can cause cracks in the foundation’s structure.

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