Foundation Problems due to Ceiling Cracks

Ceiling cracks can significantly cause headaches for homeowners, and most homeowners consider it a nightmare.It is possible to patch inevitable wall cracks, which are little more than superficial imperfections. On the other hand, cracks of a particular sort might be a sign of more serious structural problems.Before attempting to fix a crack on your own, it is always better to consult with a professional to determine its severity.

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Causes of Ceiling Cracks

Following are a few reasons for ceiling cracks:

  • Excessive Moisture- Too much moisture may be generated by leaking plumbing from bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. Cracks in the ceiling might develop due to stress on the ceiling material caused by high moisture levels and temperature swings.
  • Foundation Settlement- Another reason for ceiling crack is foundation settlement.Homes with a failing foundation may have structural problems, such as cracks in the ceiling. The house's foundation may be jeopardized if it does not have a suitable drainage system in place.
  • Extra Weight- Cracked ceilings may be aggravated by upper-level flooring, improperly fitted insulation and attics. A professional inspection is needed to establish whether a ceiling crack is the result of age or structural damage.
  • Matching Vertical Cracks-A symptom of significant structural deterioration is if the vertical cracks are of the same length. They are most often seen running down the wall next to a ceiling. Our team of professionals can assess the magnitude of the fracture if you have matching vertical cracks.
ceiling with a crack and wall with parts of a spider web

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