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In load-bearing walls, live and dead loads are transferred to the ground through designed walls and foundations. My Foundation Repair Pros provides the most efficient load-bearing wall construction services in your area.

What is a Load Bearing Wall?

A load-bearing wall or bearing wall is a wall that is an active structural element of a building, which holds the weight of the elements above it, by conducting its weight to a foundation structure below it. Load-bearing walls are one of the earliest forms of construction. The most commonly used materials for constructing load-bearing walls in massive buildings are concrete, blocks, or brick.

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Purposes of a Load Bearing Wall

Purposes of a Load Bearing Wall

  • A load-bearing wall carries a load of the structure from the roof and upper flooring transfers to the foundation or other suitable frame members.
  • It can assist structural members such as beams, slabs, and walls on flooring above.
  • These walls also carry their own weight.
  • This wall is normally stacked on each flooring.
  • These walls can be used as an interior or exterior walls.
  • Such walls will usually be perpendicular to the floor joist or ridge.

Advantages of a Load Bearing Wall

  • It is good and inexpensive for building less than 2 floors of construction because bricks are cheaper.
  • Also, fire-resistant as rebars in RCC may fail by melting in the fire.
  • It has a thick brick wall which gives the walls more weather resistance, noise protection.
Disadvantages of a Load Bearing Wall

Disadvantages of a Load Bearing Wall

  • Brick foundations require a large foundation area as compared to RCC framed structures because the load-carrying capacity of brick is much lower than that of RCC.
  • The load-bearing structure is poor in resistance to earthquakes because shock waves create irregular stresses and compression in columns.
  • Tension is greatly developed by RCC steel which is absent in the load-bearing structure.

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