Buckling Foundation Wall Repair

If you have a buckling or bowing foundation wall, you need to take care of that immediately as it could be dangerous. Walls are not supposed to be buckling or bending. But there could be a few reasons for a foundation wall to buckle. A wall doesn’t buckle or bow in a day; this condition develops over some time.

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Buckling Foundation Wall Repair

What Causes Foundation Walls to Bow

There could be a lot of reasons as to why a foundation wall bows or buckles. But the main reason could be due to hydrostatic pressure. The pressure occurs mainly when the water is saturated in the soil around your house. When the water is saturated, the ground expands, and then it pushes against the foundation of your structure.

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Repair Method of Buckling Wall

Buckling Foundation Wall Repair Service

Here are a few ways to repair buckling walls-

  • Carbon Fiber Straps- It is the best option if the walls are bowed 2 inches or less inward. A carbon fiber strap is the most convenient and least expensive option. The fibers are incredibly well and strong. In this method, carbon fiber straps are attached to the wall with epoxy.
  • Wall Anchors- If the wall has bowed or buckled more than 2 inches, then you have two options left. One is wall anchors, and the other is tie-backs. The size and shape of your property is the deciding factor on which method to apply.
  • Helical Tie-backs- Helical tie-backs are the most expensive options. If you have a wall bowed more than 2 inches and the exterior excavation of wall anchors is not suitable, then this is the best option.

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