Steel Crawlspace Jack System 

If your home foundation is raised over the ground and your floors are sagging, the structural-steel floor support system can be a great way to do stabilize and lift the floors. Along with giving a cleaner look to your home, the steel floor supports are designed to strengthen existing floor supports that might have failed because of a weak foundation or inadequate construction. They have the ability to magnify or substitute your existing pier-and-beam system.

The purpose of steel crawlspace floor-support jacks is to provide positive support to the sagging floors above crawl spaces and to assist in eliminating the bouncing or squeaking caused by weak support. This supplemental support system has an ultimate capacity of 60,000 pounds. Furthermore, it is used where current column supports have failed.

Crawlspace Jack System

Benefits of Having Crawlspace Jack System

  • It is quick to install
  • It is a positive support system
  • It is an economical solution for sagging floors
  • It can be joined together with new or existing crawlspace encapsulation
  • It has the capacity of 60,000 pounds
  • It can lift and level out-of-plumb doors and floors.

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