Cement Foundation Damage Repair in Your Local Area

Cement has a natural tendency to crack, and there is no method to make cement that is crack-free. Changes in temperature and moisture cause cement to expand and contract, which can lead to early damage. Foundation cracks are frequently undetected for a long time after they have occurred. Regardless of how long the crack has been present, it causes alarm among homeowners, who are concerned about the imperfection.

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Causes of Cement Foundation Damage?

Cement Foundation Damage Repair
  • Earthquakes: When an earthquake strikes, the ground shakes, which causes your house to shake as well. Thankfully, there aren't many earthquakes in this part of the country, but even the smallest of quivers might cause problems. Keep in mind that if the foundation isn't properly supported or stable, it can shift, weaken, and crack. A mild earthquake may not create new cracks, but it can exacerbate existing ones.
  • Storms: If you don't take precautions to protect your home, storms can cause a variety of severe structural issues. The freeze-thaw cycle throughout the winter is one of the most common causes of concrete foundation damage.
  • Extreme Heat: Cement can also crack when exposed to intense sunlight and heat, which causes the cement to expand. The concrete will expand during the day as it bakes in the sun and then shrinks overnight as it cools and returns to its original unbaked state.

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If you detect this type of foundation damage, you should have it repaired as quickly as possible before your home's structural integrity is compromised. Find your local contractor right now!