How Long Does Foundation Repair Last?

The most crucial aspect of your house is the foundation. It bears the weight of the building above it and influences the stability of your home. You might be wondering how long foundation repairs usually last if you are actually in need of foundation repair work. Your home's structural stability needs a long-lasting foundation. Numerous factors contributed to the property's foundation issues in the first place, and sadly, many natural and artificial pressures can still affect your foundation after it has been fixed. 

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Foundation Repair Methods

Concrete, Steel, Helical piers

Here are a few different types of foundation repair methods used by professionals:

  • Concrete piers- These are commonly used during the preconstruction phase of home construction to support a foundation while it is being poured, set, and cured. These piers can also sink foundations, raise them, and provide additional support. 
  • Steel piers- These are comparable to concrete piers, but they are easier to work with and install. Concrete piers must be poured fresh, which may cause significantly more landscaping and grass disturbance than simple steel piers. Steel piers are also more resistant to water and weight than concrete piers.
  • Helical piers- These resemble large screws and are physically screwed into the earth beneath a faulty foundation! These piers are frequently used for foundations that sustain less weight, such as those found beneath a porch or garage. The installer must assess soil conditions to ensure that helical piers remain as long as possible.
  • Push piers- Push piers to connect the foundation to solid, stable soil or bedrock. Foundation push piers are brackets that join to the foundation's base and extend through sinking and unstable soil layers, shifting your home's weight to competent soils or bedrock.

The safety of your house depends totally on the strength of your foundation, and that's why no compromise should be made when it comes to your foundation repair. You should always rely on experienced professionals for such delicate and critical work. Foundation Repair Pros can offer you the best contractors for your foundation repair job.

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