Concrete Swimming Pool Crack Repair

Your pool brings a lot of joy to your home. Not only is it a fabulous place on a hot day, but it is also a regular meeting place for you and your loved ones. So when something alarming like cracks starts to appear all over your pool, you need to get it repaired ASAP!

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Sometimes your pool cracks just run across the surface of the plaster, making them easier to handle. However, it cannot be ruled out that there may be much larger cracks in the concrete body of the pool itself under these surface cracks. It indicates a lot of potential problems. Structural damages can grow, causing leaks, water loss, and soil erosion around the pool, leading to collapse.

Causes of Cracks That Require Repair of Concrete Pool Cracks

Some common causes that lead to pool crack that you need to repair:

Concrete Swimming Pool Crack Repair
  • Inadequate construction: If the pool is inadequately constructed, uses inappropriate materials, or is installed in a vague location or near another structure, cracks may occur.
  • Ground movement: The hydrostatic pressure of groundwater can cause concrete pool cracks. Alternatively, significant movement events such as earthquakes can have similar effects.
  • Freezing and thawing: In winter, improper hibernation of the outdoor pool can cause the pool water to freeze and thaw, expand and contract, and cause water leaks and cracks.
  • More Soil Problems: Expanded soil is just one problem that can cause swimming pools to crack. Building pools on poorly compacted soil can lead to cracks. Ground movement is another possible culprit in your house and pool area on a hillside.

Find Your Local Foundation Repair Contractors

You should Not Ignore Even A Lillte Crack on Your Concrete Pool!

Owning a swimming pool is great, but owning it comes with a lot of responsibility. From time to time, pool owners find it burdensome to have their pool and eventually ignore this unique feature of their backyard. Do not let it wake up in your pool. Contact My Basement Repair Pros today to find the best contractor to repair your concrete pool crack if you have such a problem.