Cement Grout Repair Service

Cement grout between concrete or brick slabs in patios, driveways, basements, and garages as hard as concrete. It has the power to hold your brick and concrete walkways together for years to come. However, the repair will eventually be necessary because cracks form over time.

Failure to repair cracks and damage promptly can result in an unsightly appearance and further damage. Concrete grout repair is a simple job requiring only a grating saw and a grout machine. However, not every contractor is professional, and not everyone can guarantee you a flawless cement grout repair service. This is where My Foundation Repair Pros comes in. We can help you to a greater extend.

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Cement Grout Repair Service

Common Causes of Cement Grout Crack

Excessive Water or Polymer Additive

The most common problem is that too much water or polymer is added to the grout mixture. Cracked mortar is often due to a weak mortar structure. The liquid in the grout mixture will inevitably evaporate as intended, but excessive evaporation can leave pinholes and make it more prone to cracking.

Cement Hydration Timing

The timing of cement hydration, which is part of the hardening process, is vital for forming strong grout—adding water after cement hydration is a disaster recipe, as the grout is fragile.

Inadequate Thinset

Adhesive applied to the mortar during inadequate thinning or laying can also lead to cracks in grouts. As the thin layer dries, it shrinks and pulls the tile firmly to the grout. However, if it is not thick enough, the tile will peel off, leaving an air gap under the tile. Mortar debris can make a squeaky noise. It indicates that the grout is cracked, and the tiles will soon crack.

Need to Repair Cracked Grout? We Can Help You Find The Best Contractor

The more you wait on your cracked cement grout, the more you have to spend on repairs. My Foundation Repair Pros can find you a suitable contractor to repair your cracked cement grout. Contact us today!