Stitching Method

Stitching Method for Concrete Cracks

Proper repair of cracks in concrete floors depends on the type of damage. Cracks and fractures are common when lifting ceiling cracks and can be caused by several problems. If there is a gap between the cracks, it signifies erratic movement. It may require further investigation to repair and prevent the return or structural issues. You cannot just seal and paint it.

The damage and the cause of the problem need to be fixed. The foundation movement can be detected and stopped. In that case, the damage to the concrete floor can be repaired through the stitching method. You would be happy to know that My Foundation Repair Pros has an association with a wide range of contractors who are experts in the stitching method for concrete cracks.

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Types of Stitching Method

There are two stitching methods for repairing and reinforcing cracks and joints on concrete ceilings. The first and most common is cross-stitching. Cross-stitching uses a deformed tie rod that is glued or potted into a diagonally drilled hole in the crack. The second slot-stitching uses a twisted tie rod grouted into a slot cut over the seam or crack. Each technique is helpful in certain situations. Recommendations for using these methods are included in this special report.

Stitching can be applied in various situations where seams and cracks need to be reinforced. They are:

  • Reinforce longitudinal cracks in slabs to prevent plate movement and maintain aggregate locking.
  • Deficient reduction of tie rods of longitudinal joints due to construction errors.
  • Attaching lanes or shoulder lines that separate and cause maintenance problems.
  • The alignment of the longitudinal joints of the hub shaft is starting to deform.
  • Reinforced keys for heavy loads (planes, rigs, jumpers, etc.).

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