Grouting Method of Crack Repair

The growth of cracks is a big problem if observed and considered from a structural point of view. Besides the structural aspect, it also affects the interior and exterior aesthetics of the building. If the structure is cracked, it indicates that the stress or durability of the foundation is inadequate. Cracks can cause weakening foundations and water leaks due to cracks.

Cracks affect the structure in several ways. Therefore, it is vital to check and repair cracks as soon as possible. Various methods can repair cracks, depending on the nature of the crack and the type of structure. There are many other factors by which appropriate crack repair methods are selected. Among the crack repairing method, the grouting method is the most reliable. However, finding a perfect contractor can be a headache.

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Grouting Method of Crack Repair

Types of Grouting Method

There are three ways to repair cracks, depending on the grout material used. They are:

  • Portland cement grouting
  • Chemical grouting
  • Epoxy grouting

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Portland cement Grouting

Portland Cement Grouting

Portland cement grout is used to repair wide cracks in structures, like gravity dams and thick concrete walls. Portland cement grout averts. There is a leak, but it does not structurally constrain the crack. The steps for this method are as follows:

  • Clean cracks with air jetting or water jetting.
  • Installing grout nipples at appropriate intervals and sealing cracks Use the proper sealant.
  • Grouting the affected area with Portland cement grout and letting it dry.

Portland cement grout usually includes cement and water,/cement, water, and sand. Additives such as water-reducing agents may be added to the grouting mixture to improve the properties of the grout mixture.

Chemical Grouting

This method uses chemicals such as sodium silicate, urethane, and acrylamide. Two or more chemicals are mixed to form a new chemical. It can take the form of a gel, solid residue, or foam. Chemical grout is moisture resistant and can be used in humid places.

Epoxy Grouting

Epoxy grouting is a unique and popular method for tiles that do not use Portland cement or water in the mixing process. This grout contains hardeners, pigments, epoxies, and silica fillers. The epoxy grouting method is less porous than cement grouting.

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