Concrete Column Strengthening and Repair near Me

Column strengthening is a process within concrete repairs that involves adding or restoring to the `load capacity', or how much weight the columns can hold up. The professional contractors of My Foundation Repair Pros provide concrete column strengthening and repair near you.

Requirement of Column Strengthening & Repairing

Sustainability necessitates the protection of infrastructure from any kind of deterioration over the life cycle of the asset. Deterioration in the capacity of reinforced concrete (RC) infrastructure (e.g., bridges, buildings, etc.) may result from localized damage sustained during extreme loading scenarios, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or tsunamis.

In addition, factors such as the corrosion of rebars or aging may also deteriorate or degrade the capacity of an RC column, thereby necessitating immediate strengthening & repairing to either extend or ensure its design life is not limited.

Concrete Column Strengthening and Repair

When Strengthening & Repairing of Column is Needed?

  • The load carried by the column is increased due to either increasing the number of floors or due to mistakes in the design.
  • The compressive strength of the concrete or the percent and type of reinforcement is not according to the codes’ requirements.
  • The inclination of the column is more than the allowable.
  • The settlement in the foundation is more than the allowable.

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Methods Used to Strengthen & Repair Columns

Methods Used to Strengthen & Repair Columns
  • Encasement or enlargement of the column cross-section (jacketing)
  • Cathodic protection to stop reinforcing steel corrosion
  • Re-alkalization of the reinforcing steel to stop corrosion
  • Chloride extraction to retard the reinforcing steel corrosion
  • Confinement using steel plate, carbon, or glass fiber materials
  • Addition of shear collars to increase the shear capacity of intermediate floors
  • Addition of a steel plate assembly to increase moment capacity
  • Supplemental columns
  • The application of a protection system to prevent future corrosion

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