Plate Anchor

If your basement is bowing or leaning inward then it is indicating that your foundation is failing. One of the most common signs of a shifting or settling foundation is bowing or leaning foundation walls. The excess hydrostatic pressure in the soil around your foundation premises is generally the culprit of such a situation.

When the ground around your house becomes more saturated with water than usual, the hydrostatic pressure in the soil rises. This pressure forces against the foundation walls, leading them to bow or lean inward. In order to fix this problem, installing a wall plate anchor can play a great role.

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Plate Anchors

What Can Be Corrected With Plate Anchors?

These foundation repairing devices can be used to correct:

  • Bowing foundation walls
  • Leaning foundation walls
  • Rotating foundation walls
  • Bulging foundation walls
  • Foundation wall cracks

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Installing Plate Anchors

Benefits of Installing Plate Anchors

Advantages to using plate anchors for your leaning or bowing wall repair include:

  • Quick installation
  • Minimal excavation
  • Little disruption to the yard
  • Protection to the integrity of the wall
  • Stability of the wall
  • No requirement of floor joists for support
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Easy to conceal when finished
Install Plate Anchors With The Experts of My Foundation Repair Pros

Install Plate Anchors With The Experts of My Foundation Repair Pros

The credentials of plate anchors do speak for themselves. When you have foundation problems, let it be residential or commercial, find a foundation professional in your area with the help of My Foundation Repair Pros and find out if plate anchors are the suitable solution for your issue.

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