Foundation Problem Through Soil Dryout & Shrink

When the soil under the foundation is dryer (or wetter) in certain regions than in others, the foundation no longer moves as one unit as the soil expands or contracts. The foundation may develop cracks and other major issues as a result of this.

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Soil Dryout & Shrink

Soil Dryout & Shrink

The earth beneath your foundation shrinks as it dries out in hot, dry weather. When this happens, the soil's support for the foundation pushes away from it, making it unstable and prone to shifting. When the foundation shifts, you may notice cracks in the walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as difficulty opening doors and windows.

Because tree roots draw water from the soil, it might dry out. The earth then shrinks and pulls away from the foundation, causing issues that can lead to serious structural damage. It is important to water both your grass and your trees during hot, dry weather if you reside in a location with expansive soils, such as Northern and Central Florida. The earth will not dry out and pull away from the foundation as a result of this. However, as you will see in the next section, during wet or rainy seasons, you must ensure that the soil does not become excessively saturated.

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