Foundation Failure due to Lateral Movement of Soil

The lateral movement of soil is one of the significant causes of foundation failure. When water accumulates around your house due to heavy rain, storm, flood, or other reasons, it creates hydrostatic pressure on the foundation. This happens when water can't pass as there is an insufficient drainage system or the soil the foundation is built on is clay-like. The hydrostatic pressure causes lateral movement of the soil, causing the foundation to weaken.

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Foundation Failure due to Lateral Movement of Soil

Impact of Lateral Movement on Foundation

When the earth beneath your home shrinks or changes, it causes foundation movement. When this occurs, your foundation will undergo vertical movements, such as sinking, sloping, and settling, leading to the foundation and interior cracks. When the soil outside the foundation walls expands, it causes lateral movement. Changes in soil conditions are to blame for these movements, which are most typical in clay soil. The damaged walls may fracture, bend, or lean due to this movement.

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