Extreme Seasonal Weather Changes

Extreme seasonal weather changes can cause severe damage to a foundation. When seasonal weather changes, we only think about how it affects our health, but we don't always pay attention to the extremity of weather that can affect the foundation of our house. 

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Impact of Extreme Seasonal Weather Changes on Foundation

Impact of extreme seasonal Weather Changes on Foundation

Here are a few things that drastic weather change can do to your foundation:

Severe cold Weather- When gaps or cracks in the foundation, extreme cold can add to the problem. Because your concrete foundation contracts when the temperature drops, this is the case. As the temperature rises again, the concrete expands, widening the already present flaws.

Extreme Heat- Summer's scorching temperatures, combined with the dryness that comes with it, can cause the water in your foundation to evaporate, causing cracks and even concrete crumbling. As the temperature rises, the dirt surrounding your foundation dries out, causing the foundation to sink. Your foundation may develop cracks or become uneven due to this sinking into the earth. 

Water Damage to the Foundation- When the rain arrives, the holes and cracks produced by the severe temperatures will bring new difficulties. Water will be able to enter your basement or beneath your home through these openings, further weakening your foundation and perhaps causing flooding and water damage.

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