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What is Expansive Soil?

What is Expansive Soil?

We are familiar with the terms “expansive clay” or “heavable soil,” which are two of the several names given to soil containing clay minerals. These minerals include chlorite, bentonite, and vermiculite. These minerals plus many others have the potential to expand. You should have the soil tested before constructing a home on the property so you can take its composition into account and find out whether it is expansive.

Geographical Presence of Expansive Soil

Areas of the United States that have high expansion probability include central and northern Montana; North and South Dakota; parts of Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming; parts of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi; and western Tennessee. There are other clay soils throughout the U.S., but these areas have high concentrations of clay minerals and very high expansion ability.

How Expansive Soil Affects Your Home?

How Expansion of Soil Happens?

Clay minerals expand when they absorb water just like a dry sponge when it is moistened, and some minerals can absorb a lot. If the soil around your home remains at a consistent moisture level, such as by watering it, this isn’t a big deal. But most people don’t water their dirt, and even if they wanted to, many areas with expansive soil are dry, so water allowances are limited.

How Expansive Soil Affects Your Home?

Both the expansion and the retraction of drying clay can affect a home’s foundation. When the soil swells from water that pressure presses against the concrete, this may result in cracks and foundation shifting, among other things. When the clay dries out, it shrinks, which may reduce support for your home. Deep cracks can form in expansive soil, allowing water to run freely around the foundation.

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Expansive Soil Repair by My Foundation Repair Pro

Expansive Soil Repair by My Foundation Repair Pros

Depending on the damage, repairs can range from filling hairline cracks with concrete epoxy to installing steel beams to support the foundation under the expansive soil. The specialists at My Foundation Repair Pros can also install a drainage system appropriate for your home and soil conditions. Invasive repairs such as installing helical piers (steel beams) can cost a lot of money, although it can be an effective way.

To keep your basement as dry as possible on the inside, consider investing in a sump pump with a backup battery pack, in case the power goes out during a rainstorm. A whole-house dehumidifier might be beneficial. This is a larger dehumidifier that has enough water capacity to handle an entire home, not just a room.

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