Foundation Problems Caused by Clay soil

Houses are costly and significant investments. As a result, it is important to ensure that yours remains in excellent working condition. If you're concerned about your foundation, you'll need to learn how to spot the most typical indicators of expansive clay soils-related foundation problems. If you don't act now, you could be facing major structural issues that compromise the structural stability of your home.

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Why is the Foundation Soil Damp?

Clay soil

Unfortunately, predicting soil behavior and movement can be challenging. While contractors and builders would prefer predictable and stable soil, the truth is that soil can expand and contract greatly depending on its clay content. Soil with high clay content, for example, expands more when exposed to more moisture.
When clay soil expands, it can put a lot of pressure on the foundation of your house. The walls of your foundation might lean inwards and even crack over time. Your foundation is especially vulnerable to water damage if it has cracks.

Clay absorbs water from strong rains or storms and holds it, making it soft. The soil becomes weaker as a result of the softening, which may cause the foundation to shift. After a downpour or snowfall, if water accumulates around your foundation, the soil will absorb it and swell. This can result in foundation cracks and sagging walls.

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