Sagging Foundation Floor Repair

Is the foundation floor of your home or office building sagging? it’s pretty common to find sagging or uneven floors in foundations when the structure ages over time. Sometimes it is seen in newer structures as well. Having such a floor is often a sign of a structural problem so, letting this situation slide is similar to compromising the structural integrity of the entire establishment.

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Sagging Foundation Floor Repair

What Makes A Foundation Floor To Sag

The soil surrounding your foundation tends to be loosely compact as it has been dug and backfilled while constructing your building or home. Hence, the soil expand when it rains and then contracts when it dries up. This frequent cycle of growth and shrinking put pressure on the foundation, eventually causing the piers and support posts to move. This results in saggy floor joists followed by saggy and damaged flooring. Also, when the support pillars are not spaced precisely, the floor joists try to counterbalance causing the floor to be weak and saggy.

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