Sinking Concrete Slab Repair Service

Sinking concrete slab is nothing unusual and you may notice it just by looking at it as it is quite visible. You may notice that the concrete slab is broken or uneven and if there are several slabs then they may have changed their positions by moving.

You might get anxious when you see a sinking concrete slab in your basement or any other place. This is a matter of concern of course because the first thing that comes to our mind is that there must be something wrong underneath the concrete. But there could be many reasons behind it and only a professional can determine what is the actual reason.

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Reasons Behind Concrete Slab Sinking

There could be a lot of reasons behind the concrete sinking. Here are a few of them-

Sinking Concrete Slab Repair Service
  • Soil Washout- water could penetrate through concrete slabs and make its way to the soil. Gradually water will start to wash off the soil. This process doesn’t happen in a day but eventually, a space is created. The concrete slab will sink to cover the space. So soil washout is a good reason for concrete slab sinking.
  • Poorly Compacted Soil- to prepare the ground for concrete, the soil needs to be packed down tightly. Because without it the concrete that will sit on it won’t be stable. So, when the construction people do not pack the soil tightly, it becomes unfit for taking load and eventually the concrete slab sinks. Basement concrete slab sinking is a major indication of a foundational problem.
  • Change in Moisture- with the change of season, the condition of soil also changes. In the rainy season, the soil contains water and expands but in the dry season the soil shrinks. This change in soil condition makes the soil shift and eventually, the concrete slab also sinks.

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