Replacement Concrete Services Near Me

If the concrete in any major area of your home or building is cracked, sinking, or undergoing other specific issues, you may be wondering whether the prudent decision is to repair or replace the area in question. Replacement concrete is a method of repair for defective concrete when the defects or cracks in concrete have a large area. My Foundation Repair Pros has a pool of professionals to provide you with the most efficient replacement concrete services.

Curing and Protection of Replacement Concrete

Curing and Protection of Replacement Concrete

It is very important for the replacement concrete to be cured after the forms have been removed or the concrete has hardened. If the proper curing is not done to the replacement concrete, there are chances of complete failure of the repaired concrete. Because of the relatively small volume of most repairs and the tendency of old concrete to absorb moisture from new material, water curing is highly desirable, at least during the first 24 hours.

One of the best methods of water curing is a soil-soaker hose laid beneath a plastic membrane covering the repair area. When a curing compound is used, the best curing combination is an initial water-curing period of 7 days (never less than 24 hours) followed, while the surface is still damp, by a uniform coat of the compound.

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