Frost Damaged Concrete Slab Repair in My Area

Concrete slab repair is often done before the winter season comes as a preparation effort because snow and ice can make repairs worse. However, there are times that repairs need to be done in the dead of winter. This is a huge challenge even for pros because most repair products do not set or cure properly in freezing temperature.

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Frost Damaged Concrete Slab Repair in My Area

How Do Concrete Slabs Get Damaged in Winter?

During the winter months, your outdoor concrete surfaces take a battering from the weather. Rainwater seeps into any minor defect, dent, imperfection, or hairline crack. Then, when temperatures drop, this water turns to ice. When water turns to ice it expands, pushing against the concrete and forcing cracks and gaps to open up further. That little hole gets a tiny bit bigger and those cracks get a tiny bit wider. When this happens time and time again the damage to the surface of the concrete starts to become noticeable.

If left untreated the damage could go on to affect the integrity of the slab. If this happens the whole section of the slab may need to be fully replaced. This takes more time, effort, downtime, and cost; so it is well worth carrying out a surface repair before this happens.

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