Can Landscaping Affect Your Foundation?

Today, landscaping is becoming a popular home improvement feature in homes across the United States, and this process is not a simple dig and plant kind of deal. It is a form of art, if you will, that showcases the creative prowess of the property owner or contractor. From changing the texture of the grass that covers the entire front or backyard, to intricately placing young flowers and plants around the building, landscaping, indeed, has the potential of making your external spaces even more visually pleasing.

Though the act of landscaping does seem like a fun process, it is not for the inexperienced individual. There are a lot of cases wherein property owners consult do-it-yourself methods to have their areas landscaped, and the result usually ends the same way. Due to amateur handling, their landscape never appears like what they have imagined, but this situation is the least of their problems.

Depending on what they have envisioned, they may have exposed the foundation of their homes, to make way for plants, boulders, and the like. This area is a critical part of the building, and if disturbed, it can create a multitude of problems in the near future.

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Landscaping and Foundation

The Dangers of Improper Landscaping

There are times when property owners will decide to landscape near the surrounding areas of their homes. In order to do this, it is common that they dig deep into the soil until they have revealed a great portion of their foundation. Although it is good to create a deep hole to support their items, this is the usual cause of foundation damage that is related to landscaping.

When plants begin to grow, it is possible that their roots can penetrate the thick layers of concrete and create cracks that can crawl through the foundation’s walls. Once this happens, it will be easier for moisture to enter this particular area, creating damp surfaces and leaks – weakening the structural intergrity of the foundation all-together. In no time, the building will slowly sink and develop uneven surfaces.

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Yes, it is possible for landscaping to affect your foundations, if they were installed incorrectly. If you suspect your landscape to be the sole cause of your foundation’s deterioration, then contact My Foundation Repair Pros today by dialing: 844-406-0505 for a free inspection. Do not worry about the exterior appearance of your properties because with our team of professionals handling the job, it is as if your grounds were left undisturbed. We also offer all sorts of foundation repair services to both commercial and residential properties, because we know that your foundation can face other kinds of problems as well. Visit our contact page here for further questions and inquiries.